I'd received a couple complaints on the MoparStyle Facebook page that they've been banned when registering on the forums, but they give no other useful information. They actually never ever volunteered the registering part, just complained that they're banned!
  • I first upgraded fron VB5.24L2 to 5.25
  • I then created a throwdown user, and as soon as I hit submit - I got a message that the admin had banned me. I checked the user record and it was User Awaiting Email Confirmation - with no other unusual setting
    • I turned all banning and spam filters off without any effect on the banning message. The solution was that the Awaiting email confirmation user group had the "act as a banned group" radio button check. God only knows how that happened and how long its been that way, but I changed it.
  • I retested a throwdown user, and no longer get the banned message, but no confirmation email is being sent. Note to self to turn on spam and banning again.
So now I still have the problem of no emails being sent. I've tried all of the following without success:
  • Tried the -f setting
  • Tried adjusting every combination of the mail settings with batch, batch size, cron, delay between messages etc. (even though they're technically not suppose to affect the confirmation emails going out immediately). When I use diagnostics to send an email to my gmail account, it says it passes - but no email in my in box, spam box or trash
  • I tried using SMTP with a pop3 email account I've created in my Cpanel. Every diagnostic test fails - even tried all three secured connection settings
  • I updated the php on the hosting account to the most current version, no change
  • I found Vbulletin instructions on using gmail for SMTP, create a throw down gmail account, created a two step log in, add an Other app for Vbulletin; and set up the Forim's SMTP exactly like the instructions say http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/blogs/all-about-vbulletin/4342582-sending-email-from-vbulletin-with-your-gmail-account but I get an diagnostic message that Gmail refused. I verified I have the app, revoked it, recreated it, and tried again with the same results.
I'm at a complete loss at what I'm doing wrong. It is fifteen hours later and still haven't received any emails, so I doubt it is a delay issue.

My complete backups of the site is so huge that I deleted the old Classified sites and a couple of old .htaccess and WordPress files in the publichtml (root) directory. Immediately I started getting 500 error pages instead of he forum.
  • I edited the live .htaccess file to no longer redirect from the old classified ads directory, no help (note to self to change back)
  • I created a classifiedads directory, no help
  • I downloaded the full backup GZ file I'd created prior to upgrading VB earlier in day, but it took until 3am (from 8pm) to get 7up to unpack the GZ to a TAR because it takes nearly 1TB of drive space to unpack the GZ to a TAR and then unpack that for the actual files. I had to finally use a 2 TB net drive, after clearing off some back ups. Note to self to back up to that drive again. Then I had to copy files from network drive to a local drive so I could FTP to the server. I suspected a wordfence-waf.php file in the root directory. It was a leftover file from Wordpress, but I saw a reference to it in my php configuration, so I tried to FTP it first, and that fixed the problem.
I obviously need to find out why that file is required and fix it so I can remove it.

All of the time and diskspace required to get one file off the complete back up us caused from all of the photo attachments members have uploaded in the database. I deleted some old backups and all of the old classified files to make backups slightly smaller.