I spent the entire day tuning up the sidebar of pages and putting together a HELP ME! section of site.

Also researched and wrote article to encourage members to insert images in their psts.

Images make posts more interesting!

We don't host images at MoparStyle because doing so bloats the already large database (from many years of posts), which would make the site backups or restores take too long; plus it puts an increased load on the server - which would slow response time. By having you hosting your images on another server our site runs faster and offers us a better disaster recovery option.

However, there are many free and easy image host options for hosting your photos and images, so that you can display them into your posts and signature. Once your image is hosted, you click the little camera icon in the post and paste the URL of the location of the actual image. You can generally get that actual location by right-clicking on the image. I leave my photo album open with the forums, and it only takes me another couple of seconds to post and image - once I got the hang of it. 

The image hosting options fall into three Catagories. Bad, Good, and Best. 


Hot linking an image from a site that is not an actual image host is a bad idea for many reasons. One reason is permission. You are using their server's bandwith and server resources, and many don't like it. Some have hot link protection where after some designated period of time the picture gets replaced with another image from a simple "No Hot Linking Allowed" to something pornagraphic. Even if you know they won't be pissed or have hot link protection, you are at the mercy on how long they will keep the photo on their server. 

Another bad idea is linking a photo from your Facebook album. After a very short period of time the photo is no longer available to link.

Likewise, don't hotlink photos from Ebay and Craig's List for same reasons. Those photos disappear and your threads become an annoyance.

When you go to a post having missing images or Red Xs, the poster used a Bad Option. Please don't do that as it is annoying and moderators will delete the thread.


GOOD (Free)

There are many Free Web Image Host sites. A few common ones are:

And there are a ton of others. I personally have never used any of them as I've always preferred the Best Option, so the exact process of using them is unknown to me - but this is what they're designed for, millions use them just for this, and I'm sure they make them easy to use.

While the good part is that they're free and work, the bad news is that there's advertising popping up, you might see a big increase of being spammed when your email address is sold, the size and quality of your photos might be compromized by file compression, your total file size will be limited, ability to bulk uload via FTP doesn't exist, categorizing is limited, and there's always a chance they might someday go to a fee basis.

All that said, it is a good option for photos you want to share in posts - but I'd never use it to upload my life's worth of important to me photos for off-site protection.



The option I've used for the last fifteen years is professional photo hosting dedicated to only me! This use to be expensive, where I would have my own server and pay about $250 (plus $35 yr updates) for the software. But I had total control of size, quality, security... of my photos.

An Example of my photo albums is: Dave's Photos , which is over 15 years old.

However, I recently found a super cheap option that's even better, and what I recently started to use. The above referenced Dave's Photos will soon be replaced, when I can find the time to move 5,000+ photos.

Anyway, the software is called ZenPhoto, and it is free with web hosting at Southern Star Hosting. I'll explain further towards the bottom of this Help Topic.

As an example, I recently created a small album for Photos of Past Dave Duell Classics at NSSRacing.com.

Screen Shot of DDC Photo Gallery

There are many benefits of a dedicated photo host site, they include:

  • An off site place to keep your digitized photo albums so they're accessable no matter where you are. 

  • Easy to find a single photo from 500,000 by categories (vacations, holidays, family, events, cars...) and sub-categories. IE: Holidays/Christmas/2007

  • Protection against Theft, Flood, Fire, Vandalism..

  • Ability to make album Private of Public

  • Ability to backup to a thumbdrive, hard drive and have as many backups (maybe give to kids, parents, siblings...)

  • Bulk downloads on hundreds of photos using FTP

Those are only a few of the many reasons why I digitized every photo I have and stored online in categories.

This is easy as 123 to do.

  1. Register a domain name for less than $10. It can be your name, family name, ar just about anything.

  2. Sign up for Deluxe Hosting with Unlimited storage for about $5 month and link to your domain name

  3. Choose Zenphoto for Automatic install

With Southern Star Hosting, each free application requires one database. Deluxe hosting gives you 25 databases so you can "One-Click Install" 25 different applications, or technically the same application 25 times - or any combination. 

List of all applications that can be installed at Southern Star Hosting. For $5 mo., you can have a photo album given to each family member for their photos, an eCommerce store to sell on line, a Word Press site, a Blog, a Wiki, and still have a dozen databases left.