Today - whist watching football with a tablet in my lap
  • I made some graphics for a couple dozen of the the groups, and have code in a html widget rotate as "Group of the Moment" to encourage more activity in Non-Mopar Topic Groups. Placed the widget in the sidebar of most pages
  • Created sponsor campaigns in the New Revive application I installed (free with hosting). Images are stored in a ZenPhoto Gallery (also another free application) at - which is also the gallery I've been using to host the photos I link into a posts at MoparStyle.
  • Tuned up the tabs and Navbar colors on the three Denim Viewing Styles to get a handle on which CSS files stuff is stored in. Did a full color change on Denim Whale to find al Bronzes and change to Crimson.
  • Moved the banner ads and Announcements around to be consistent in all of the different areas of the site, and created a Banner-Advertisement page, but no context yet.